Picks from the 2019 NFL Draft I Disagree With

NY Giants Round 1, Pick 6: Daniel Jones, QB

The Giants feel like they have found their successor to Eli Manning in Daniel Jones. However, the value of this pick will continue to be questioned until he proves he’s worthy of the 6th overall pick. When Jones isn’t faced with pressure, he can make the necessary throws. He is smart in knowing which throws he doesn’t need to make, which ultimately leads to him holding the ball too long resulting in a sack. When he has time, he scans the entire field. Jones has great accuracy if the ball is thrown within 15 yards and he is not given enough credit for his running ability. With all of that being said, there were better quarterbacks available for this pick such as: Dwayne Haskins or Drew Lock. In my opinion, it comes down to him being QB4 in this year’s draft, not the second quarterback drafted overall. The Giant’s felt like they have their guy in Daniel Jones, so you can’t be mad at a team for drafting who they wanted.

Houston Texans Round 1, Pick 23: Tytus Howard, OT

Tytus Howard is not a first round talent; he is a talented kid from a small school, who is more of a project. He is going to need to be developed and is not ready to start in the NFL right away. You do not take an offensive tackle in the first round who isn’t ready to protect your investment, which in this case is Deshaun Watson. Especially when your QB was the most sacked quarterback last season. Andre Dillard or Cody Ford would’ve been the better valued picks at 23.

Green Bay Packers Round 1, Pick 12: Rashan Gary, DE

Rashan Gary is freakishly athletic, he’s explosive, strong, and fast (see combine results). I wasn’t as high on Gary as other people were because of the lack of production during his college career. I don’t dislike the player, I dislike the pick. Aaron Rodgers need weapons on offense and the Packers should have went for a receiver or a tight end. Imagine Noah Fant being taken with this pick and catching passes from Aaron Rodgers. With the additions they made in free agency they had more pressing needs on offense.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Round 5, Pick 145: Matt Gay, K

All I can say is, “Damn Tampa Bay did it again.” Remember in 2016 when the Buccaneers drafted Roberto Aguayo? We all remember how great the pick turned out. I hate the value of this pick. This pick shouldn’t have been made because you simply do not draft a kicker in the fifth round. Matt Gay would have been available in the seventh round or maybe even as a UDFA.

Seattle Seahawks Round 2, Pick 47: Marquise Blair, S

Seattle is looking for their next Earl Thomas, but Blair is simply not it. Taylor Rapp, who in my opinion was the best safety in the draft, was available and they opted to take Blair. Besides Rapp there were other safeties who were clearly better suited for this pick, such as Chauncey Gardner-Johnson or Nasir Adderley. Seattle made two questionable picks during this draft, but Blair was the pick I disliked the most.

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